Plastic Recycling Sales Roles  

Building rapport, relationships and being agile is at the core of our sales teams. 

Our sales teams are incredibly hungry, high-performing, highly collaborative and entrepreneurial. Plastic recycling is a fast-changing and dynamic market and to be able to execute deals under pressure, they exhibit reactive and agile, yet analytical and strategic. 

The team are industry-recognised, as a-players – and not willing to settle for second best. Both desk-based and on the road, they are able to effectively navigate a volatile landscape, working with a global team and follow our internal procedures to ensure that all deals are managed -and closed – continuing to grow our business.  

Taking an empathic and understanding approach, our sales teams work to uncover our customers real requirements and align them with the right material – every time.  

What you would be doing in a sales role

Our sales team work on multiple deals at a time, selling the scrap plastic our purchasing team have sourced. It is a fast-paced environment as we trade back-to-back, with the team receiving multiple scrap plastic offers daily from our purchasing teams, they analyse those offers and find customers that need the material and negotiate top market prices balancing margin and time pressure. They have their own market territory and work from a desk when not visiting their current or new customers.