We Are Vanden

Fast-paced, exhilarating, and values-driven

In the ever-changing world of plastic recycling – no two days are the same. One thing remains constant – and that’s our commitment to working as a team.

For a business operating on a global scale, in a market that can change in an instant, it’s vital that our people can communicate, collaborate and hold each other -and themselves- accountable.

Purposeful and performance led.

We have created a culture that thrives on seeking feedback, being reflective and encourages mistakes – because how else can we grow and develop as individuals, a team and a business?

We value growth, and that’s why our team is comprised of self-motived, determined people that are given the autonomy to do their jobs in the way that allows them to drive meaningful results that can be celebrated.

The people that make it happen.

“The role is so much more than I thought it would be, working with such an understanding close team who are all very similar in drive and outlook on life. 

I can honestly say I have never worked in an industry that feels like a family like Vanden does, encouraged to grow, learn, read and be a better version of myself with a growing knowledge of not only material but personal and business development. 

I now know why the recruitment process is how it is as those of us lucky to work for Vanden are special.”

“What makes Vanden a success? Vanden employees are grateful to be part of this family. If you are grateful, you are more likely to take care in what you do because your responsibility goes beyond being ‘just a job’. If you are grateful, you’ll try that little bit harder to be a success for both your, and your family.”

“What I enjoy the most about working at VANDEN are the people and the sense of independence.

The selection process is quite strict, but it enables to have a team composed by people who share common values and have a similar view about life, just like a group of friend!I personally love the way the process is design to enable us to work our way to the targets we have independently, letting our creativity and characters emerge when needed, with little constraints.

I was literally stunned by the onboarding training program, something I’ve never experienced in any other workplace.”

Join the team.

We’re always on the lookout for people that want to make a difference.