Plastic Recycling Purchasing Roles

It all starts with curiosity, tenacity and an eye for opportunity.

Our purchasing team fuel our business. Whether using an innovative combination of strategic and creative ways to identify new suppliers, or spending time out on the road exploring yards and inspecting material to be certain they align with our commitment to transparency – Vanden’s purchasing team are known for going above and beyond when it comes to securing new material suppliers.

Deals needs to be closed quickly in a way that manages risk and secures quality, this requires the team to be excellent at communication, collaboration and eager to do what is required to get the job done.

What you would be doing in a purchasing role

Our purchasing team build relationships with new and existing suppliers who have scrap plastic to sell and negotiate mutually beneficial deals between us and them. To source the best material, the team is on the road, roughly three days a week, sometimes more sometimes less. They are trained to identify different types of plastics, performing multiple onsite tests with our suppliers to assess the quality of the scrap plastic. They work closely with our logistics and sales teams across the world every day in the deal-making process, and they must balance the management of getting deals done with risk and quality in mind.

A typical day involves issuing multiple materials offers to our global sales teams. Quality checking materials in person and assessing commercial viability prior to offering to market. Negotiating and liaising with sales, logistics teams, and suppliers to close a profitable deal. Usually under tight deadlines!